For trans people, by trans people

Drawing of landscape in pastel colours. There are clouds and out of 4 of them come the colours of the trans, genderqueer, non-binary and agender flags. On top of the image is the text: TransAktion, reduced capacity.

Indefinite pause

This has been a difficult message for us to share as it was also a nearly impossible decision to make. We (signed below) have decided to leave TransAktion. We have been the last active members of the organisation since Spring 2022 and this effectively means that the organisation’s activities will come to a full stop from now until further notice. This decision follows a long deliberation and behind the scenes efforts to resolve ongoing issues, like structural, administrative and workplace culture problems within TransAktion. In the end, because of the dedication, passion, care and love we feel for each other and for our trans communities, we decided that it would be best to leave this dysfunctional environment. We want a sustainable and caring platform from which to organise, because that enables us to be the best and healthiest versions of ourselves, which this community deserves.

As TransAktion is a grassroots organisation, we all joined in through our activism. With passion and a lot of dedication we worked for trans and non-binary separatist spaces as well as for trans-specific advocacy. We feel strongly that the organising that staff, volunteers and our wider community have engaged in reflect the need to continue creating and supporting trans-led organisations. As individual activists we continue to fight for trans lives and well-being and for platforms where we as trans people can care for and find power in one another.

We are beyond thankful for TransAktion as a space where we could channel our passion for supporting and advocating for this amazing community. We found so much power in organising and working within our communities! Thank you, dear community members, for being a part of our journey. From hearing your personal stories, to sharing knowledge, poetry and art, your hopes and dreams, funny memes and supporting each other – thank you. Each and every one of you who joined an event of ours co-created the spaces which helped so many.

We also want to thank our many collaborators, some of which we signposted in the extended version of this message on our website. Knowing we are part of a larger movement for social justice made it possible for us to take a much needed break. We look forward to future trans-led projects that will centre trans joy, liberation and justice.

We say goodbye here, but hope to continue seeing you at protests and different community spaces.

With love,

Vivien, Arley, Max, Nico, Cosmo, and Siren

Collaborators, support, community and information

While there is no organisation like TransAktion, if you are looking for activities or support here are a couple of spaces where you might find community, support or information:

Please know that these individuals/organisations have been suggested based upon discussions within TransAktion and/or based on recommendations from community members. We understand this list to be imperfect and unfinished, as each person’s experience is their own and does not necessarily apply to other community members, and because there will always be something/someone left out.